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      : e-learning, quality in education, strategy, interactive participation, distance learning. [1]
      : electronic management, information and communication technology mechanisms, electronic management of the public procurement office of the hospital center [1]
      : السياحة الذكية، تكنولوجيا المعلومات، الوجهات الذكية، الصناعة السياحية [1]
      Blended learning; professional development; international standards; evaluation; teacher training [1]
      Corona pandemic, smartphone software, tablets, social interaction, verbal communication skills, autism disorder [1]
      COVID-19- Remote teaching-online teaching skills [1]
      Digital economy, Banking sector, Commercial banks, Efficiency [1]
      digital economy, Iraqi state, technology, market [1]
      Digital Technology, Education, Knowledge Society, Knowledge Production [1]
      Digital Transformation, E-Learning, Connectivism. Networked Learning. JEL Classification Codes: A2, I2, H52. [1]
      Digital transformation, Knowledge economy, Digital transformation in africa. [1]
      digital transformation, organizational culture, change of organizational culture, digital organizational culture, case study company Kleemann [1]
      Digitization; cultural heritage; e-tourism; sustainable development; territory development; knowledge society [1]
      Disruption; Digital; Transformation; Dynamic; Readiness; Capabilities [1]
      e-learning - what it is - its goals - its types - demands for its use in the educational process - faculty members [1]
      E-learning competencies, southern governorates of Palestine, ways to develop. [1]
      E-learning, Center for Education Technology, Development of Higher Education Institutions [1]
      E-learning, Corona crisis, University of Hail. [1]
      e-learning, quality, standards, indicators [1]
      e-learning, virtual learning environment (VLE), e-learning maturity model (eMM). [1]