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      "آيات من القرآن الكريم نمودجا" [1]
      "أل" التعريفية، اللازمة، غير اللازمة، إبدال، ثبوت، حذف. [1]
      A computer modeling to estimate the design characteristics of a shaped charge warhead [1]
      Aquifer, Campbell plot, energy plot, Van-Everdingen-Hurst model, correlation coefficient, encroachment angle [1]
      autobiographie [1]
      Carboniferous; Permian; MiddleTriassic; Depositional paleoenvironmental;maturity; north western Libya [1]
      Double glaze window,gas filling window, frame material window [1]
      Dyadic decomposition, Littlewood-Paley operators, radial functions, space of Schwartz, Bernstein inequality [1]
      Endocrine disrupting chemicals (estrone, 17β-estradiol, and 17α-ethinylestradiol); photocatalytic degradation; (H2O2, UV); Aqueous phase [1]
      Energy distribution; Probability; Maxwall distribution ; Atomic levels; Electron energy [1]
      English language MA programs in Libya [1]
      Hardwheat, salinity stress; grain yield, harvest index and salt tolerance index [1]
      Hawaz Formation, A field, well logging, petro-physical parameters [1]
      Jordanie [1]
      Natural gas, compressibilityfactor, pseudocritical temperature, pseudocriticalpressure,pseudoreduced temperature, pseudoreduced pressure, correlations, equation of state [1]
      Orient- récit de voyage [1]
      Physico-chemical composition, Heavy metals, Groundwater, Al-Khums City, Libya. [1]
      Pierre Loti [1]
      PLC applications, Punching Press system, Automatic control systems, Hydraulic Power [1]
      Polyethylene [1]