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      "القرارات الكاشفة والقرارات المنشئة" [1]
      "آيات من القرآن الكريم نمودجا" [1]
      "أل" التعريفية، اللازمة، غير اللازمة، إبدال، ثبوت، حذف. [1]
      * Facha Member; Gir Formation; Dolomite and Anhydrite Layers; Original oil in place; Initial oil in place; Million Stock Tank Barrels. [1]
      . Foraminifer. Biostratigraphy. Daryanah-Al Abyar road-cut. Al Faidiyah. Libya. [1]
      440/55V Three Phase Transformer - Coil - Core Windings - Faults – SFRA – Magnitude – Impedance – Admittance – Attenuation – Frequency – Time [1]
      : e-learning, quality in education, strategy, interactive participation, distance learning. [1]
      : electronic management, information and communication technology mechanisms, electronic management of the public procurement office of the hospital center [1]
      : higher education, teaching writing,process approach, compare- contrast essay, scaffolding writing task. [1]
      : industrial development, industrialization, development strategies, sustainable development. [1]
      : Maxwell’s equations, Finite difference time domain (FDTD) method, transverse magnetic wave (TM), first and second orders Mur’s absorbing boundary conditions (ABCs), perfect electric conductor (PEC). [1]
      : Strawberry plant– Macrophomina phaseolina– Trichoderma harzianum- Bacillus subtilis– Antioxidant enzymes-Disease symptoms-Disease index [1]
      : unexplained infertility, hysteroscopy, pregnancy outcome, spontaneous pregnancy, normal uterus, HSG [1]
      : التعليم القائم على المحاكاة، التعلم التجريبي، نماذج المحاكاة الحاسوبية، المحاكاة، الشبكة الافتراضية [1]
      : السياحة الذكية، تكنولوجيا المعلومات، الوجهات الذكية، الصناعة السياحية [1]
      :μ_pointwise cleavable space, E-cleavable spaces, μ-double cleavable space, absolutely cleavable space. [1]
      A computer modeling to estimate the design characteristics of a shaped charge warhead [1]
      Abelian Group [1]
      Absence seizures, childhood absence epilepsy( CAE), typical CAE and early-onset CAE [1]
      academic achievement, learning difficulties, finance for managers, attitude, Gulf college [1]