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      Antibacterial activity, ethanol extracts, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli. [1]
      Artificial Intelligence Techniques - Improving E-learning – Intelligent Tutoring systems ITS [1]
      Commutative ring, Simple graphs, Vertex degree, Regular graphs, Quadratic polynomial [1]
      Drinking water, Ubari, Heavy metals, Wadi Etbah, Pollution [1]
      Dynamic signage, crowds interfaces, cross-cultural interface, public displays, user studies. [1]
      Face Recognition, Features extraction, Pattern Recognition, Facial State Recognition. [1]
      Flutter, Dart, smartphones, university education, Android, IOS, Software Development Kit(SDK). [1]
      Flutter, Dart, الهواتف الذكية, التعليم الجامعي, Android, IOS, Software Development Kit(SDK). [1]
      fractional calculus, homotopyperturbation method, Sumudutransform, Fractional partial differential equations. [1]
      Gasoline, Paracetamol, Kidney function, Histological structure, Male rabbits. [1]
      Heavy metals, Spices, permissible limits,Concentration and contamination [1]
      Hemodialysis, chronic kidney disease, creatinine, blood group [1]
      HLR, Leukocytes, Stress [1]
      lead pollution, environmental contamination, (uv- vis) spectrophotometer [1]
      Navier-Stokes stratified system, Inviscid limit, Besov spaces, Dyadic decomposition [1]
      Neutrosophic Topology, Neutrosophic Pre-approximation Space, Neutrosophic Pre-open sets, Neutrosophic Pre-exact sets, Neutrosophic Pre rough sets. [1]
      Nicotine, Hematotoxicity, Fenugreek and curcumin, Co-administration, Male albinorats [1]
      Online learning, COVID-19 pandemic, Libya. [1]
      Optical transmitter, Atmospheric optical channel, Rayleigh scattering, InGaAsP laser diode,Visibility [1]
      Oscillation; Nonlinear differential equations; Second Order; Integrable Coefficients. [1]