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    • Use of the Benghazi Formation in Aggregate Industry: A Case Study of Two Quarries in Northeastern Libya 

      Shaltami, Osama .R.; Fares, Fares .F.; EL Oshebi, Farag .M.; Al-Orfi, Khaled; Errishi, Hwedi; A. Geniber, Omar; Algomati, Abobakar E.; Aljazwi, Mohammed S.; Saleh, Abdurabbah .S.; El-Ehfifi, Salah S. (2021-09-15)
      This work aimed to evaluate the Benghazi Formation (i.e. dolomitic limestone) as aggregates for building. We selected two quarries located in northeastern Libya, namely the Al Huarry cement quarry and the Al Abyar quarry. ...